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    I have a Treo 650 which just stops working. Whilst the LED remains on, there is no way to turn it back on. Reset does nothing - it doesnt even reboot it. The only option is to take the battery out to force reboot. That typically also just reboots, but once you turn it off again it will not turn on again??!! Then after some time(sometime minutes/days later ??) it appears to be switch-on-able again?

    Any ideas?

    what a great device - if only it worked!

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    Sounds like you might need a hard reset. If you dont have a backup program (I'd be lost without backupman) get one, run a backup and then hard reset. Rename your backup folder in Program Files/Palm One and then resync.

    Add programs back one at a time, either from your backup, or start fresh.
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    I also suggest a hard reset. I'd then install Uninstall Manager (in northglides neatfreak pack) and install programs 1 at a time (per hotsync) playing with the phone and the prgrams after every couple of installs to see if problem returns. Once it does, use UM to eliminate the offending program. If is still occurs with no programs, call Palm / carrier.

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