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    Maybe this is back to my T600 days, but didn't there used to be a program that displayed a button on screen that would reset the Treo? I've got one of those Speck Skin Tight cases, and I'd like to have a software reset option... I've searched, but I just don't think I'll find it...
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    mReset and Softrest are both available for free @
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    Or you can use TreoOffOn which has more functions you asked for.
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    I've been using paperclip, the prc name is zpaperclip, placing the icon at the end of the applications list. I map it to the 650 side button for a quick reset. Works all the time unless the 650 locks up completely.
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    Seems like you would want to make it at least a little difficult. Both ZLauncher and Uninstall Manager can do soft resets from the drop down menus. Again, probably more than you were asking for.
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    most reliable do a physical soft reset.

    just my 5cents worth
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    I don't find that using the button or triggering a reset from software (I use ZLauncher) result in that much practical difference, unless you have background processes that do things like turn on the radio or restart themselves upon reset. If you use the button with these, they fail to launch automatically.
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    PowerUp turns the radio on regardless of whetehr I soft reset with the stylus or software (Uninstall Manager).

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