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    Just want to make sure before I order one, but does the JavoSkin for the Treo 650 really have a cutout for the reset button / hole? JavoSkin's site says that it does, but I haven't seen a reset hole in any pictures I could find of the back of a JavoSkin.

    Click on "Product Description" under the pictures.

    Also, does the JavoSkin come with a Lanyard and do the cutouts for the SD card slot and the hotsync port have "flap" covers?
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    If it doesn't, a hole punch does an excellent job on a skin case.
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    Ok, got my JavoSkin today. The JavoSkin does not have a reset hole as their website states it does. Also, there are no "flap" covers over the SD card slot or hotsync connector. They are completely exposed. It DOES come with a lanyard.

    Overall, it's a very nice skin case and putting the 650 into it was very easy. There was no permanent "stretch-age" of the case. It immediately went back to it's tight Treo 650 form after stretching it open to put the 650 in it.

    Also, it does seem to be less dust attractive compared to many other silicon skins I have tried before.

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