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    Hi all,

    Is there a network debug tool that would dump the authentication request my Treo is sending to the network for 1x? I'd like to see what the Treo sends in the Auth request. On a PC you could run Ethereal or some sniffer, but now that I think of it, I don't think ethereal would capture the auth request in a dial up auth. Still curious on the Treo though.
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    There is so much mystery about the EVDO
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    I'm curious about the same thing--trying to connect from my Treo (currently unactivated) over BT to my VZW phone to try out 1x speeds, but haven't had much luck dialing. There are some Palm debug tools that look promising though--they can be downloaded by signing up as a developer, and are in the Tools & Utilities file. PPPTracer looks like a packet sniffer, so I doubt that it would capture modem authentication packets (i.e. it probably operates at level 3/4). PalmDebugger and TraceViewer also come in the file--I hope they have some way to capture packets going over a Connection and related system calls.
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    1X is easy to login I think. EVDO is harder and requires the PRL to be updated. I will post some updates on the EVDO stuff at my HOWTO thread at the 700p forums.

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