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    I did a search on this and nothing came back but an error, so I apologize if this a repeated topic. I bought the 650 from my sister in-law and of course she cant find the CD. I downloaded Palm Desktop online, but as you know, that version differs from the version on the CD provided with the phone. Palm Desktop from the CD backs up Pics & Vids.......and thats only what I know of.

    My questions are this:
    • What other programs are available on the provided software CD?

    • What is the best/cheapest/free way to obtain this disc?

    Thanks guys
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    There is a Treo 650 PD torrent:
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    Thanks gfunk
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knee Dragger
    I did a search on this and nothing came back
    I did a title search on "650 CD" and got 18 threads

    Did another title search on "install CD" and got 19 results

    If those links expire, just hit search / advanaced search and select "titles only"
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    you didnt fully quote me...I said "I did a search on this and nothing came back but an error"

    Anyway....thanks for the links, thats exactly what I was looking for.
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    Didn't see it as being significant.....if nothing come back or errors come back it's just a matter of doing a proper search. If you put in terms that are too generic or don't otherwise limit the search criteria (i.e "titles only") you won't get anything useful. So I took the "teach a man to fish" option as well as the "giving a man a fish" option and showed how you could do the search and get back something useful .

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