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    Well, it looks like my Treo 600 internal battery problem is supposedly going to result in me getting upgraded to a Treo 650 replacement next week. Fingers crossed - I'll believe it when I see it.

    Can't wait to get the wireless headset. I was wondering which one people in the community like best? The only one I've ever tried was the Motorola one with a friends Motorola phone and it worked perfectly, so since I speak softly I think people might have trouble hearing me unless I have one with a mic closer to my mouth.

    Any suggestions/experiences much appreciated!
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    A couple of quick thoughts...
    You will hear a lot of different responses from different people...there does not seem to be a universal 'best'.

    The Treo 650 is more finicky with Bluetooth than other phones according to many posts.

    I went through four headsets and ended up liking the Jabra 250v the best and the Palm 2nd best. One nice thing about the Palm is using the same charging cable.

    Finally...and this is important...Bluetooth headset response has gotten much better with recent firmware upgrades on the 650. You might want to keep that in mind when you read about people having had problems with certain headsets. This might be a situation where searching old posts does not yield the best current information.

    Buy one someplace where you can try it for yourself and return for another if it's not working for you.

    After you buy something and evalute it...please post your opinion for others to learn.
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    I've gone through 4 of them....

    1. Scala Cardo 500 (First Edition)...It was good, but slightly floppy on the ear (even when you adjust the ear piece). It was cool having the clip for sunglasses/glasses since I wear glasses and sunglasses. It was actually quite comfortable.

    2. Jabra 250v. People thought I sounded like I was in a tunnel. I use a Jabra over the ear with the ear gels that is wired when I am at work and I can wear it all day. The quality for me was so so.

    3. Motorola HS850. I really liked this except for the battery life sucked! I went through 3 of them in a month because the battery would be dead by the end of the day even if I talked on it for no more than an hour or two.

    4. I currently use the Plantronics Voyager 510. This is by far my favorite. I like over the ear, it comes with 3 different ear pieces and it is very comfortable to wear. Feedback from people have said that I sound normal, but like most bluetooth headsets, it is almost half-duplex. This would be my recommendation.

    BTW: I'm on Sprint 1.13a, Hardware Revision A

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