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    What is the best case to use if you want to go out in a hard rain or predicted hard rain?

    From looking at the jogging thread I am thinking an ipod case like the Marware mini.

    Timerock says he "converted" it. I am not sure if he meant he customized it somehow.

    Maybe the safest technique is using a ziplock bag which I have read enables rings to be heard and is good for the beach. Ideally a solution would clip to your belt enabling vibrating to be felt when ringing is not wanted. A horizontal clip would be best. The $100 Otter is overkill for what I am looking for.
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    I went out birding last weekend in a driving rainstorm. My Treo did just fine in my front jeans pocket in a zip-lock baggie. While my group huddled under a shelter hoping for a break in the deluge, we played "name that bird" by playing mp3's that I loaded in PTunes and photos that I uploaded from the internet. Meanwhile, I checked the weather radar to track the storm. I just couldn't be without this little guy anymore!
    You could spend a bunch of money on a waterproof case I guess, but my suggestion is the baggie.
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    I bet there is a market for a custom zip lock baggy. I just got my Helix Clip by UPS and it seems to work pretty well with an actual zip lock baggy. Such a case could also be marketed as a New Year's eve cocktail party case.
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    I once took my Treo kayaking in Florida. I put it in one of those specialized soft waterproof cases. The moment the sun appeared the humid air started to condense inside the baggie-like case and my Treo started to get very wet. I decided to take my chances with the splash from the paddle and took the Treo out of the case.

    Having said that, my preferred waterproof case for the Treo is a ziplock baggie. Easy to open, easy to dry out the inside and you can hear the Treo ringing from inside the baggie. With a bluetooth headset you can answer calls and keep the Treo dry.
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    Waterproof...this wasn't one I wa slooking for as I remember a Treo in it:

    Thi one pretty good if you ahve more than Treo to carry

    and for run over by car protection:

    picture of treo in one here: (hit "in use photos")
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    Actually I am really looking for something sleek and compact which enables you to feel vibrations with the ringer off. It doesn't have to be entirely waterproof but should stop the condensation from cold drinking glasses from moving into your phone when you dial and stop most rain from splashing through the keyboard. This one comes pretty close. But it looks like you have to yank the clip off from your belt to take calls so it may be too awkward:
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    How about something like this. A little overboard imho, but then again, it's better if your Treo goes overboard, so to speak....LOL
  9.    #9 looks like a good resource. The site is well designed. They assert this Krusell model is for the 700w while other sites including Krusell's say it is for the 650. I am not sure whether I will notice any incompatibilities when using the 700w with current skin cases which are almost all designed for the 650. I think the Krusell Classic is what I am looking for:

    I like the swivel clip option to be able to carry the Treo in the horizontal position. The coverage of the keyboard is the main strength. I have water damaged several cell phones by transferring condensation from drinking glasses into the phone through the keyboard.

    There are two main negatives I see. First the quality of the see through plastic looks low in the picture - The hole for the ear speaker looks misplaced. There appears to be no cutout for the speaker in the back. Sound may be muffled when on speakerphone. Also I am not sure how easy it is to quickly pull the phone off of the swivel clip. I read positive reports about the ease of taking the Treo in and out of my Helix belt clip and its snug fit against the belt before I bought it. They turned out to be accurate.

    The ZCover is a strong possibility when they come out with a version for the 700w for it's aesthetics and rotating belt clip but the D-pad is uncovered:
    Though some have trouble typing with the JavaSkin it would have been a strong possibility because the all the front keys are covered and it supposedly does not stretch out. But it does not have a rotating belt clip. Probably the fact that the D-pad is slightly elevated makes it hard to create a workable cover for the entire front face of the Treo. Right now the Krusell Classic seems to be the best option for me. I just ordered it now.

    I still think that someone should make a snug waterproof zipping plastic enclosure for Treo's which was thin enough to be used with any plastic belt clip. These would be useful when actual thunderstorms were predicted or for beach use.
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