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    Just got my treo, using missing sync and splash photo.
    I downloaded photos to splash - no problem. But now I can't get my
    photos from splash to use on my contact list. I can select splash photo
    from the menu when I want to use a pic but no pics show up.
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    Be sure to look at both the phone and the memory card, (the icons on the upper right), you may have saved the pics on the phone and are trying to pull them up from the card (or v-v).
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    Splash photo will not show up when you try and assign a photo to a contact. You must put the photos in the pics/video folder under user/home/palm/pics
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    on my mac i have the photos in home/pic/palm pic/user/a file 1as...BFA/DCIM/photo & video. my palm folder isn't in home - it's in docs. i've moved the pic about thirty times - can still see my photos in splash, but can't assign them to a contact. HELP!
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    Thanks and your reply gives me hope BUT: how do I transfer Photos from the Splash photo to where they should be??

    You may guess: I've got the same problem
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    To move files use a utility like fileZ, which is freeware from

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