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    I have a Powerbook running 10.4.4. I successfully connect via bluetooth to my Treo650 and get online.

    I have a VPN Server running with L2TP successfully setup. This Powerbook can connect to this VPN via L2TP when connected via built-in ethernet or Airport. It can not connect when connected to the Treo.

    Bluetooth creates ppp0 when it connects to the Treo. The VPN client creates a ppp0 when it connects to the VPN server. I am guessing, when connected to the Treo and the ppp0 is already present, the VPN client tries to create ppp0 and fails. Which in turn, causes the VPN connection to fail.

    Anyway to get bluetooth or the VPN client to not use ppp0 so the other can?
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    Not sure about the last part of your message, however what data plan/carrier are you on...sometimes the data plan will not allow VPN connectivity, i.e. TMobile must be VPN Data @ $19.99/mth for those with phone plans. Some of the cheaper plans are WAP and therefore will not allow secure connections which is what a VPN client needs (I think I said that right).
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    I have the $20/month unlimited plan.

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