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    I originally had a Cingular 650 and then switched to Verizon. I have an application called "Mail" (from the Cingular cd with an icon of a letter and a black arrow pointing right and a red arrow pointing left. When I do About it just says Mail.) that has been set up to reach out to my Yahoo mail. It does this all the time. I've since added VersaMail from the Verizon cd and I like having it go get the email (I don't have all that much). But now I can't delete/stop the Mail program. Tried to delete it using the Delete function, but it just cleared out the mail and started up again. It's kinda like Frankenstein -- I can't kill it. IS there a way to get rid of it or just turn it off? I looked in all the menus and couldn't figure it out.

    Please help!
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    Is this icon for the Cingular Mail on your Verizon Treo or on your PC?
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    Did you directly sync your Verizon 650 to your Cingular 650's userid?

    I am concerned that some software glitches may arise from that. A clean install may be necessary. But before we go there -- do you have FileZ -- and have you tried deleting the Cingular Mail program off your Verizon 650 with that?

    FileZ is a PalmOS file manager and it is freeware. It is like Windows Explorer -- you can see and manage all your files on the Treo, but you have to be careful on how you use it. Do not delete anything unless you are sure.

    Click on download to go to their software titles.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Sorry for taking so long. I have added FileZ to my Treo and see a couple of MultiMail files which I think must be it. I have VersaMail from Verizon which I like better. One thing, when I tried to delete the Mail using the Delete function it reinstalled itself and took back over the Mail button on the Treo that I had assigned to VersaMail. I also just looked at my Wireless Sync and it uses the same email. I'm not even sure what the Verizon Wireless Sync is and don't think I'm using it.

    Thanks for your help!

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