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    I bought this off ebay about 7 months ago. Just noticed the distict similarity, even with the pictures (scroll down). Cept for the retractable piece.
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    there are differences.

    The first pair has a switch, the second does not. The switch is a pain in the arse because you need to switch it to go from stereo to mono headset & mic. The second pair is especially made for the 650 and allows you to answer phone calls with a touch of a button.

    I think both offer less than satisfactoy audio quality and might bother your ears after some time. The noise isolating earbuds are the way to go.
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    i remember seidio's orig 2-1 also had the switch. I may be wrong tho.
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    Ok here it is. But the difference is, this one is for the 600. I remember reading somewhere that the 600 needs the switch where the 650 doesn't.
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    check the link... it shows no switch.
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    i guess who cares which is orig, as long as the one you got works right! :-)
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    True. The one from ebay is actually pretty good. I just would hate to spend $30+ if they are identical hardware with only the name badging difference. The one I received did not have the switch even though the picture shows it. Seidio also rebranded the GPS Royaltek RBT-2010 so I will assume they rebranded this same headset with their logo.

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