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    Finally! Years late, as most of their market has moved to bigger and better devices, MobiTV has released their software compatible with the Treo 600.

    I signed up just an hour ago. The video rate is about 1-2 frames per second, and the audio is smooth.
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    MobiTV has had software for the Treo 600 for over a month now. I tried it when they first released it and it crashed everytime. Did they update it? I never got to try it out because it crashed, but 1-2 fps sounds pretty bad. What network are you on?
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    Sorry for the late response.
    I didn't realize the software was all ready out - maybe it was a beta version? I didn't get an email from them until the 30th.

    I'm on the Sprint network. It works perfectly for me. It has only crashed once that I remember, and that was because I clicked on a channel that was recently made blank (list was recently rearranged).

    Are Sprint 650 users getting faster video? The network has been really good lately, giving consist DSL reports speed tests of over 100kbs. If Sprint 650 users are getting faster video it must be some sort of software limitation built into the application, maybe related to whatever reason they didn't previously support the 600.

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