I just bought a Treo650 and and can't seem to find the car kit I'm looking for. It looks like Seidio and Arkon both have products that may work, but I'll put it out for the forum. Here's what I'm looking for:

Cradle that will bolt in to a Pro-Clip for my car (www.proclipusa.com)
Should provide power and audio out.
Should let the phone audio use bluetooth
My goal is to listen to MP3/Internet radio via Aux-In on my TL (via P.I.E. X-3)

Any solution MUST be compatible with Cingular GSM Treo 650 BT to Acura HandsFreeLink. I already have NAV in the car, so I don't want to pay extra for a cradle that has Nav capablity. I don't care if there's a mic or speaker in the cradle as long as its discrete and doesn't interfere with the BT handsfree.

What I hope to end up with is.
- All phone audio/signalling is handled via BT
- All PalmOS audio (from apps like Ptunes) goes to an audio aux out.
- Cradle will clip to the console trim ( hence the ProClip)
- Looks clean/custom
- Snug fit -easy to install/remove, but secure while driving
- Preferably no cables to connect. Just a "snap" fit.

My Treo is running 1.51 Firmware/Cingular 1.17 SW. Bluetooth has been connecting flawlessly to the Acura HandsFreeLink for the two weeks I've had the phone. The only limitation is that it does not show the battery strength, but that 's not a big issue for me.