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    When got my first VDX unit, there's a battery drain problem, I finally return it, now with my new unit, I'm thinking which launcher I should install. Without the launcher, the new unit seems fine, couple hotsync later, it's still in full capacity.
    I've used launcher III and megalauncher II. I like launcher III better, but I'm thinking if any of those launchers will cost my unit to drain battery again.
    So I'm seeking advise on which launcher you guys use and with no problem with battery usage.
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    Why not just use the orginal launcher that came with the Visor? I've used it for the entire time now except for when I was experimenting with other ones, and I love it. I personally don't see any benefits for me of using a different launcher, and I'm intrested in why you want to use antoher one if they consistyently cause problems.

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    I use SilverScreen and am very pleased with it. I have tried just about all of the different launchers out there and decided to register this one. I like the way it looks, as well as the functions. It has a pull-up menu and you can drag and drop things into delete, category, information or trash. You can also download different themes and icons at pocketsensei's website.

    I have had no problem with battery drain at all and I have been using SilverScreen for months.

    IMO, it's MUCH better than the standard launcher that comes with the Palm OS - I can't believe that I was once happy with it.
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    While not a launcher "per se", I use PhlegmHack. Just the ability to switch to another application without having to go to the launcher at all makes it better than any of the replacement launchers (and removes the need to have one for me). And, gee whiz, that's a nice price! Other's needs may differ from mine.
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    I use LaunchEm from and love it. They also have a pretty good deal with LaunchEm bundled with some other programs for $40. (List maker also rocks, by the way.)
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    I would have to agree with MoKoni. Silver screen is wonderful, you have a 4 grey screen for icons and themes which you can change the standard B&W icons in 3rd party apps to something alot nicer looking. I've also tried other launchers and decided to buy this one, you can demo it for a while before you have to buy. And also the new 1.8 version there's a drop down menu for the last 10 recent apps. It did slow my Visor down a bit, but I'm not using it as a speed demon anyways!
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    I use LauncherIII, and have no battery drain issues. You should check:

    IR port is closed (prefs, general)
    don't keep it in the cradle
    set the auto-off as low as you can

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