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    This seems incredibly obvious but I can't find the answer.
    Which sync cables are USB 2.0 (versus 1.x).
    In my case for the Treo 600.

    Only 1 of the cables listed in the TC Store states "high-speed USB", but then under the listing's bullet points, it does not repeat this claim.

    I only recently acquired a Mac with USB 2.0, so it didn't matter before.

    Also assuming both 1.x and 2.0 cables are available, has anyone noted a difference in sync speed??

    Many thanks
    (I hope this wasn't answered elsewhere--I did look)
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    I'm pretty sure the Treo 600 is only capable of transfering data with USB 1.1 specifications regardless of the cable you use.
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    Yes, both Treo 600 and 650 are capable of only USB 1.1 "speeds" through the hotsync connector. Not sure about the 700w though.

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