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    Hi Everyone:
    I moved and can't find the box with my Sprint 650 Original palm software. (for desktop, hot synch etc.)Any idea where I can get it quickly. I don't mind downloading but can't find it anywhere. I need to download to my new computer at the office. Please help.

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    if someone doesn't help you before hand I can upload it Monday morning EST

    I believe I may have seen it on the gnutella network (Limewire) if u want to try that

    email me at nkline05 at sprintpcs dot com if u still need it Mon morn.
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    I got one from the sprint store. They got 'em lying around.
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    It is still on Palm:

    isn't this what your looking for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by d1hamby
    It is still on Palm:

    isn't this what your looking for?
    Sure, if you don't want the media conduits. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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