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    You know how apps can register to handle certain types of files (such as reading .rtf files via Docs2Go, etc.). I always wanted to be able to click on "XML" links in Xiino or Blazer and have Quicknews automatically add the feed to my feed list? I haven't ever noticed anyone else ever complaining about this lack of feature, which leads me to believe: "Is it just me?" and is there an easy way to do this that I just overlooked? What I do now, is search for feeds on my desktop using whatever method, and then cut and past the xml into an email, then cut and paste the sent url out of snappermail, and manually enter it via "add feed" where I paste the URL and manually graffiti in a suitable feed title.

    Bottom line: Has anyone found a way just to click on an XML link and get QuickNews to automatically handle it? Has anyone ever asked Standalone Software to create such a feature?

    Bob Clancy
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    Doesn't appear to be an easy way to do this. I tried adding .xml association to QN via Resco Explorer, but when I access an xml news feed in Blazer it asks if I want to download into QN, I choose yes, it saves but doesn't open QN. If I open QN manually afterwards, there's nothing there regarding the feed I tried to bring in.

    My typical method is to find the feed URL in my desktop browser and just retype into QN. If you have PDAReach from Junefabrics, you could paste it into QN from your desktop.

    You could ask standalone to add it as a feature in their feature requests forum:
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