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    Is there any VPN software out there for the Treo 600 that is reasonably priced? I need something that does the same for my treo as the Nortel Contivity client and RSA SecurID token does for my laptop.

    I had been using Sprint BusinessConnect for accessing email and my calendar, but that was in violation of corporate IT policy, so instead I got VPN access. This is great for viewing email on my laptop, but offers nothing for my Treo.

    My company is totally focussed on blackberries, they have no interest in Palm OS software, so I am on my own as far as buying and configuring software (Until I reach the seniority where they give me a corporate piece-of-cr... blackberry).

    I downloaded the OS5 MovianVPN software while the free trial was available but that only works on the 650. Didn't think to grab the OS4 version - besides, I can't see spending $75 on a piece of software when (1) there is no guarantee of getting it working. (2) The Treo600 might just be the last Palm OS device I own (3) This technology is free for me on PocketPC/Windows Mobile platforms (Rather, Nortel freely offers the VPN client for Windows-based devices as part of its client support package).

    Any suggestions?

  2. #2 not that i know if it will work.

    btw, how were you checking your email, with the 600, that was against corp policy?
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    Mergic does not appear to support a securID token in addition to a username/password.

    Using BusinessConnect PE was against corporate policy because it intentionally opens up holes in the firewall and exposes the email server to potential abuse (Even though the scope and nature of the holes are well defined within Sprint's software). They have a policy against reading non-corporate email *in* the office (i.e. no AOL, YahooMail, Gmail, college email accounts), so almost by default their policy on accessing corporate email from *outside* the office is tighter (unless you use the correct channels).

    As I said above, I would be happier about a $75 piece of software if it weren't for the fact that I had a free solution before (which was suddenly banned).

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    I hear you Steve. I am looking for a VPN for Cisco VPN/RSA token combo. I tried Mergic with my old 600 about a year ago and never got it to work.

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