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    I have already returned the Jabra 250v, Moto head set offered at verizon and tried the Palm headset a friend had. I have not been happy with any of the above. Too much Static form the Motos, the Jabra disconnects at 4 feet, and the Palm sound was way too low.

    Any suggestions from the peanut gallery???

    Has anyone tried the Jabra 500, is it better then the 250 as I liked that one the best, if the 500 is an upgrade with BT1.2 maybe it is worth a try?
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    I use a Moto HS850 with my 700w. I get no static within 25' and it has very good volume.
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    Try the Jabra JX10, with a Jabra eargel. I haven't seen it at any local retail store, just online.
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    Another vote for the HS850 it works great for me too. I can walk around my office (small office) without static. Some static when I walk into the next room.
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    Is everyone using the 700w?
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    I have the HS850....fine if you are in an office, but don't try using it in an airport or any place with a lot of outside noise (even driving). They hands down have the best design - I love that you can close the boom, and not have an incoming call ring on the headset when it is not on your ear. BUT....i can't live with the volume. I'm looking at the H700...anybody have feedback...sounds like it has the best of both worlds.

    And yes, I am using the 700w
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    Take a look at any of the units made by Nxzen. I've tried headsets by Moto, Sony, Ericsson, Sony-Ericsson, Palm and by far the best sound reception and noise cancellation coupled with great customer service is from Nxzen.

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