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    So I'm about to pick up a new Treo 650 to replace an older Tungsten that I've had for about three years. I had some quick questions about syncing for the first time.

    In years past, when I replaced a palm, I would just sync for the first time, pick the appropriate user name, and everything from my old one would be placed on my new blank palm from my PC.

    I've had the current Tungsten ever since I've had a mac, so I've never had to do this with a macintosh and iSync.

    I currently am running Tiger on my iMac, and sync my tungsten to iCal via iSync. I have palm desktop on the mac which syncs the various conduits for my third party apps and I guess iSync somehow interacts with palm desktop as well.

    I guess my question is: when I get my treo, can I just sync it blindly like I used to and expect my applications and iCal data to be uploaded to the treo? Do I need to uninstall/reinstall any software? I have never needed Missing Sync before? Can I expect to need it now, and when in the process of syncing for the first time should I consider installing it?

    Thanks for any answers to this convoluted question.
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    The Palm OS bears much resemblance to windows in that upgrades leave a lot of old stuff lying around, much of which seems to find a way to conflict. I am not familiar with the Tungsten line but unless it s OS5 with the VFS file system, I would start from scratch

    What I did in moving from a PalmVx is install Palm Desktop into the "PalmOne" directory (old one was in "Palm" directory). I created a user name and hotsynced and then copied my contacts database from the Palm [username] directory into the PalmOne [username] directory.

    After that I installed all programs from scratch.

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