I am a new Treo 650 user (Verizon) but an experienced Palm user (5+years). Tried out Blazer for the first time yesterday and I have a few quick questions:
1. I know that there are websites designed for PDAs, but is truly normal that some "regular" sites REALLY don't work right. As an example, I was looking up "EV-DO" in Wikipedia, and everytime I tried to pan sideways, the site just kept flikering until I moved the horizontal scroll bar to one side or another.
2. Does using the right portal optimize sites not originally designed for PDA's?
3. When choosing the option "don't load pictures," I believe I should be able to click on the little icon or something like that to load the picture, but this doesn't seem to work for me. Is there any trick to this?
4. Are viruses even a concept for Blazer and the Palm OS?.
5. Has there been a known virus attacking Palm OS or the applications through Blazer?

Thanks for your help.