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    I got a Sprint 650 off eBay to replace my 600, and low and behold, the phone is still activated or something on another account (I didn't understand exactly what the rep told me.) The lifetimer minutes is only 471, so it wasn't activated for long.

    I'm trying to return it, but I'm also thinking about the worst case scenario. Is it possible to buy a parts phone off eBay, assuming it has a clear ESN, and just swap out the radios? Has anyone done this?
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    u can swap the good parts from your treo to the broken treo provide the esn for the broken treo is clear. ck w/ the carrier before purchasing

    hope this helps
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    Anyone selling a phone would deactivate their account or transfer it to another phone otherwise they would be liable for all call charges. It is possible that the phone was stolen possibly during a break in and the owner is not back yet to discover his phone missing and deactivate the number.

    Whatever the case, if the phone is still activated on an account and someone other than the owner is calling trying to activate it I would expect Sprint to contact both the owner and the police in that area. I think it would be in your best interests to try determine if the phone is in fact stolen. Can you determine from the shipping label where the phone was shipped from? Do you have any other information the seller that may help?

    There may be other cases that could cause this such as a screw up in Sprint's customer accounting system but it is probably better to play it safe and check.
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    The guy's eBay feedback was over 60,000 - so I doubt it was knowingly stolen. In the description, he said it was bought from another eBay user but specificially stated "it has been deactivated from the Sprint network." I think I'm going to just return it, even if I have to get my money back through PayPal.
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    Well after calling Sprint again, they said the ESN is still assigned to an account - and it is not listed as stolen. If I can get the ESN removed from the other account, I can activate it.

    The minutes on this are so low, I figured it couldn't have been anything other than the original. I called the MIN on the phone (under the ##786 info menu) and talked to a guy. He said he'd had 2 repaired, and guessed this might be one of them. Sprint also gave me the number for the Fraud department. So I guess on Monday I'll give them a call and see if there's anything I can do. Has anyone had any luck with anything like this? I hate sending this back and getting a different one - this phone is in immaculate condition.

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