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    i just got my treo 650 dont know where i put the cradle etc.. how can i install new software without the usb connection?? can i load it by using only the SD CARD ?? transfer the data into sd card and load it up ?? if so how do i do it i, been trying for so long now need help!!

    THank You
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    So are you saying your computer doesn't have a USB Port?
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    The Treo doesn't come with a cradle. Do you mean you lost your cable?

    You can download an application called Filez from the internet and use a card reader to copy it to your SD card. You can then copy any other program files to your SD card and use Filez to copy them to RAM on your Treo.
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    Where did you purchase your Treo? It should have a USB cable to connect to your PC? Or maybe, your PC does not have USB port? A little more description on what you have and don't have would help.
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    The 650 doesn't come with a cradle, just a hotsync cable.

    You can replace if ya lost it here:

    Or buy a cradle.


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