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    Hey all,

    I cany seem to get Ptunes to open a streaming audio link from the Blazer browser. Here are the steps I am taking:

    1) open the web browser and open a page that has treo-friendly shoutcast links.
    2) Click on the 'Tune in' link button
    3) Click yes to the standard 'Dowload Warning' dialog
    3) Select 'Web' in the 'Save To' section of the download options window, then click 'yes' to download.
    4) then Click 'save'
    5) then Click 'Yes' to the transfer dialog that is asking me 'Do you want to accept "Shoutcast-playlist" into web?'

    Then Blazer returns a window that has 'filestream:ExgDataFile' in the url section, and 'The Requested Page can not be displayed' in the content area.

    I have tries it with various links to shoutcast stations, always the same error.

    Can anyone help?
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    your screens should look like this...

    are you sure you have the deluxe version of pocket tunes?
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    I think I see my dialog box (2nd image in last post) is not exactly the same.

    In the second image, your dialog box show 'pTunes' and 'Card'. On my screen, I see 'Web' and 'Card'.

    How can I correct this? Any ideas?
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    Docs to Go 8 issue. Believe there is a fix available on their website
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    Docs to Go 8 issue. Believe there is a fix available on their website
    You are dead on. That was the problem and once I did the fix on Dataviz's website the problem was gone (it fixed a few other problems I was having also).

    Thanks for the tip.
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    I deleted Docs To Go. I did a hard reset, reinstalled Ptunes, and I still can't get the correct download screen. I keep getting a screen that says "your device does not support this file type."

    any ideas? TKS

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