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    I was working out at the gym the other day and - at one point - I plugged in my headphones and adapter plug, heard a slight popping sound, and ever since my MP3 playback has been garbled and tinny sounding. Did I blow out the headphones, do something to the input jack, or could this be something software related?
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    Oh, that happened to me too... I actually dropped my phone and it landed on the dang headphone adapter. For me, it was the headset jack had become loose. If I jiggled the headphone adapter right while plugged in, I could get a few popping noises, and the full fidelity sound would come back, but it was pretty unusable.

    Normal hands-free headsets would not work reliably either. I had to get a warranty replacement.
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    Same here, damnit and I have diagnosed it as a by-product of using the necessary adapter - it just puts too much unanticipated leverage against the input jack when either dropped or wedged into a pocket.

    This is unacceptable.
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    No adapter is "necessary". Buy the Palm hyrbid phones, they have a 2.5mm plug and sound good.


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