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    Havn't been keeping an eye on this site or palmgear lately... I'm just wondering if there's any new palmos software released lately that's worth hotsyncing

    I've got a BVD with a Stowaway keyboard
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    I guess not huh?!???!?!??!

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    You're not missing much.

    Palmgear has been very sporadic. There are numerous access denied error messages at all the wrong times.

    Try, or

    It's best you say what kind of software you seek, as well as which type of Visor you own. When was the last time you browsed for software? The wonderful feature of most download sites is that they allow you to sort software by the date is was uploaded or last updated on these servers.

    In my opinion Avantgo is still the #1 useful program for me. There are a lot of multimedia apps for the Visor, including a mindblowing TealMovie (best viewed on Prism.) It's nice to look at, but not worth the space on my Visor. Depends on what you want and/or don't mind.
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    Thanks for that palmtracker site!!! Just what I was looking for.

    Also, is nice. Only the free stuff there.


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