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    Just moving to a new pc, which is running Windows XP x64. When I install the latest Palm Desktop (4.1), it hangs at the start of the Outlook conduit install. To try it a different way, I downloaded Pocket Mirror Standard from Chapura, and it also hangs immediately on start up. In Task Manager I can see setup.exe sitting there not doing anything.

    Anyone got Outlook synchronization working in WinXP x64?

    I hope you can help. At this stage my backup plan is to create a virtual pc running Win XP 32 bit and sync using that - although I'm not sure virtual pc can access USB ports on the host.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Okay - Chapura Support got back to me and suggested killing every task in Task Manager until whatever was blocking Setup.exe from running disappeared. A bit drastic, but it worked! It was a rundll32.exe that was in the way - unfortunately I don't know what app it was working for.

    Now I have a different problem though - Windows XP x64 doesn't want to recognise the hardware... so I can't sync.

    Any ideas?

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