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    Hello eveyone,

    My wife and I just purchased Treo 650s to help organizer our busy lifes. We have service through Verizon. We love the units. We are just starting to explore all the software available for the units. Simple question: If you purchase a third party application (e.g. PocketQuicken), would we be able to load it on both Treos or would we be required to make two purchases? Thanks for any information.
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    You probably will be required to make two purchases. Most shareware apps use a registration code generated with or dependent on the hotsync ID of each individual Treo. Proprietary software is usually licensed for one computer only.
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    You can get by with mostly free stuff though you might want to buy a few programs. Here's some popular freebies tho just about all developers will accept donations.

    Directory Assistant
    Tide Tool
    HandyShopper (for her)
    MiniBar (for you)

    In addition, many Palm developers are "small shops" and you may be able to negotiate a "site license". In the windows world for example, you can get a "all the puters in your house" license (think it limits you to 5 now) from F_Prot for AV software for $29.95.

    Some programs frankly can be installed without a code tied to your user name (i.e Diet & Exercise Assistant) but I'd encourage anyone who purchased it to treat their developers fairly and pay for whatever they use. Many problems in the windows world are tied to activation schemes (just look at Norton's fiasco) and if developers didn't need to resort to such schemes I think programs would be more stable.

    There are hacks unfortunately available on warez sites, and you can probably get around other schemes say buy using the same user name, but I would strongly discourage such tactics as overall it hurts the community. If developers can't get a fair return on their time investment, we just won't see more products and won't see existing products updated.

    On a GSM 650 you have a bit more freedom as you and your wife could easily swap SIMS. For example, having your Pocket Quicken on two 650's could cause some headaches as you are using one and she the other and that could result in obvious problems. So if you put the GPS software on your 650 and Pocket Quicken on hers and say she going to a spa in the country with "da gals", you just swap SIMs and now your phone is hers and her phone is yours. She now has the GPS software and you can stay home and pay all the bills.

    So in this manner, as long as you don't need to access the same program at the same time, you ould get away with just one copy of each.

    Things you'd probably wanna buy for each tho:

    Northglide's NeatFreakpak - Should be 1st program you install. $27
    VoiceDial $20
    TreoAlarm $15
    PowerRUN $15 or a Launcher w/ SD card swap capabilities

    CardExport II is one ya can get away with on one device as you can swap SD cards between phones and only need it on one device.

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