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    I'm just wondering if anyone has been able to successfully use Versamail 3.0.1 to sync (wireless) with the .Mac Sent Messages folder after sending an email from Versamail?

    What I want is to send an email from Versamail and have it go to my .Mac Sent Messages folder. Everytime I do a Sync Server it fails and gives me a "Mdat Err: No_Messages_Found" message.

    On a side rant:
    Can't anyone program a decent mail program for Palm. I mean the Palm OS is more than 15 years old and the best we have is Versamail, Snapper, and Chatter?
    Everyone one of these email program has a problem.

    Versamail has a great interface but can't save to SD card and has IMAP sync issues.

    Chatter does IMAP folders ok (although the process is kind of complicated) is really going for the PUSH email thing and has totally left out people who want to manually check their mail. C'mon online and offline - that's so silly - how about just a button that says check mail and not from a drop down menu. Also chatter does not allow you to change mailboxes from the 5 way keypad - you have to tap on the menu.

    Snapper is horribly overprice for the IMAP and SD card saving - hence I didn't even want to try.

    What I want is a Palm version of Thunderbird mail. Good interface and handles IMAP folders well.

    Sorry for the rant but I really do like my Treo but just want better apps.
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    treoder - I don't understand your complaint about Chatter... you can do exactly what you want with "QuickSync" and "QuickSync All" for offline mailboxes...

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    My complaint is that getting your mail isn't intuitive. If you want to get your mail manually you'll have to set the mailboxes and subsequent folders to offline when you set them up and then you'll have to set them online then do a quicksync. I would rather have an option where you set the mailboxes/accounts to manual then have a button down at the bottom that says get mail - like versamail. I've tried chatter and just tried snapper and I find that chatter is the best so far at doing what I want but it's a bit of counter intuitive to setup and maintain. Versamail would be perfect if it could just sync IMAP folders better and store on SD. If I'm missing something with chatter let me know cuz it almost hits the sweet spot between price and perfomance. Also not being able to change mailboxes from the 5 way is odd.

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