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    Needless to say... I'm in a world of hurt. I finally got myself a new mac after my old one was ripped off. The good news is I have a new powerbook g4...the bad news is...(this is where I need the help..bigtime) treo has not been sync'd to this new computer and further more my treo needs a major flush. I don't want to lose what's in my treo ( if at all possible. But I also don't want to dump all the corrupted junk into the new mac.

    My 650 (sprint) is resetting 4-5 times a day and sometimes freezes on the palm logo screen till I soft reset it. Big Bummer. I'm not quite sure how to proceed.

    I am using entourage (again.) Which I was able to get most of my contacts re-inputted into entourage. Thank god for imap. I had a copy of most all of my emails.
    Sorry for the long blubbering post. I'm just freaking out.....

    If anyone can give me some thoughts on what to do..I would be forever grateful.

    I never had missing sync...I think I'm going to get that. But I'm hung up on.. do I sync the treo as corrupted as it is and go from there? How do I avoid poisoning the file that gets backed up? Will it sync? Etc.

    Thanks in advance for any...all your help. If you see a white g3 I-book tell it to come home...
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    If you have an sd card, copy everyting to that. Go ahead and hotsync/backup. You can always hard reset your Teo, then take everything yoiu're not sure about out of the backup folder on your mac. Re-hotsync, get a pure install, then just install one new thing at a time.
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    I do have an sd card..but I don't have a backup program on my treo. How do I get a program onto the treo without a pc? Can the treo itself download a program and self install?

    What should I do about entourage? My thought was to have the mac and treo just sync not pc overwrite or treo overwrite. Does that make sense? Or is there a better approach at this stage?

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    if you have a USB card reader ($15) you can put a program on the sd card in the launcher folder and launch or copy it after insert. Your treo can download a program off the web directly and it will run. You can also use bluetooth to send apps directly to your palm without using hotsync. That's what I usually use.

    Regarding Entourage. If your phone numbers/etc are on the Treo, then do Palm overwrite computer option once first. You can also disable the backup conduits (really any conduit) to try to get Entourage loaded up with our data. Once that's done, disable the Entourage conduits for a while and mess with getting everything backed up.

    Then, you can hard reset, then hot sync again. I think the key here is to make judicious use of the conduit manager to control what you want to have happen. Take your time and try to salvage your most important data first. Turn most conduits OFF ad only do a little at a time.

    In the future, you might want to have backup buddy running on your palm as a safety net.
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    Just as a quick note on getting the backup program to your Treo... if you don't have a USB card reader (a worthwhile expense, BTW), you can also send PRC and PDB files directly to the Treo from your Mac using Bluetooth File Exchange.

    First, download the backup software to your Mac (as MarcD mentioned, BackupBuddy VFS is a good one). Make sure you already set up a Bluetooth pairing between your Powerbook and the Treo. Then click on the Bluetooth "B" icon in the Menu Bar, and choose "Send File...". Browse to the PRC or PDB file you want to send (such as the backup program), then choose your Treo from the Bluetooth Device list, and click "Send File." Works without a hitch. If you don't have the Bluetooth icon displayed in your menu bar, you can also find Bluetooth File Exchange in the Applications -> Utilities folder (press Shift+Command+U while in Finder).

    BTW - MarcD's instructions are dead-on. That should get you back up and running.
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    Thanks alot guys... I purchased missing sync. Just created a test identity in entourage and sync'd it. That worked great. I was able to create a backup also of my treo.
    I think I'm on my way. Now that I have a backup version, I am going to hard reset and start adding my programs one at a time. I'm not sure why my treo got so out of whack...but fortunately I was most worried about my entourage (phone book, email, address, todo, calendar.)
    <p>I'll report back.
    <p> MarkD...I also purchased backup I just need to RTM.

    Thanks again.
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