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    since i got myself the treo650, i keep having to tickle the gprs connection to keep it alive. my present solution is by automatically fetching my mail every 60 minutes. prior to my treo650, when using the tungstenW and the treo180, the connection always stayed alive for hours and even days without me having to tamper with anything.
    so my question is, does anybody know whether this problem is solvable or do i have to make do with regular automatic network activity to remain gprs-online?
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    mine stays alive until i do a soft reset...

    Maybe your treo is reseting itself without you knowing?
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    Kev1000000, my device definitely isn't resetting itself, that i surely would have noticed.
    mine is a gsm device which i use in germany, europe. maybe you have a locked treo. it would interest me if unlocked gsm treos are all predistined to disconnect from gprs every 60 minutes
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    jinx, my unlocked GSM-Treo650 in Greece did the same! GPRS disconnected in 60 min.
    Just tested how long it keeps connected.
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    When I was on a trip in Italy my unlocked GSM treo disconnected each time after about 5 mins of inactivity. And in Italy they charge for "connection" (on top of per Kb fee). So my guess is that GSM operator disconnects on time-out.
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    My treo is unlocked and i use T-Mobile's unlimited internet plan. (EDGE)

    My GRPS connection stays connected until i reset the device. Although sometimes i wish it turned off as it tends to eat a lot of battery life.
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    <<So my guess is that GSM operator disconnects on time-out.>>

    scudb, i can assure you that it is not the gsm operator or provider or whatever that disconnects after a fixed time. i know that for sure because when i connect to gprs via other smartphones, the connection remains for ever. it has something to do with the gsm treo650
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    Ok, then to answer your question: not all unlocked GSM treos are predestined to disconnect from gprs every 60 minutes, mine disconnects after 5 mins.
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    I have an unlocked gsm treo and I agree with Kev would be nice if there was a way to set it to disconnect after a period but allas mine is on 24/7 unless I either soft boot or turn off and on the phone or stop any app that tries to use the gprs connection and then disconnect in network prefs.

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