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    I use Outlook for Calendar and Tasks. A few weeks ago I started getting tasks as old as "60 weeks overdue"; lots of them. Also, garbage tasks of double digit weeks overdue and the "task" usually just one or two letters. They pop up on my PC as soon as I sync. Dismiss them all off, and next time I sync they're baaaaaack. So finally set Hotsync to go strickly from PC to handheld, cleaned out 100% of my tasks in Outlook, and sync'd. This time no pop ups.

    But I enter 95% of my new tasks into the Treo. So, thinking everything was cleaned out now, I reset HS to sync (with "Outlook wins" for tie breakers) and did a HS. Now most of those tasks are back popping up again with big overdue periods. So, appears they are lurking somewhere within the Treo. How do I get them all out?
    Mike Caldwell
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    Lots of views but no responses. Thought I would follow up with a resolution I came across at launch Outlook from {Start/run} then {outlook /cleanreminders}. It updates all the reminders and refigures them out. Cured my problem. There is a whole list of Outlook switches that can be pretty handy.
    Mike Caldwell

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