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    Hello fellow treo users i just wanted to make a new post about the new Ringo Pro 4.43a. As all of us treo users know that the old version of Ringo Pro was alittle buggy. I discovered or have read a post from ( electric Pocket ) about the new Ringo Pro and decided to do a update and i can say that the NEW Ringo Pro 4.43a looks pretty good I dont have any problems as of lately ( Knock on wood ) i just wanted to know if anyone of you did a update and would like to share your experiences with the new update. Also, the 4.43a lets you turn off your ringer or silence the ringer thru the volume button just like stock which i think is a nice addition.
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    I am still having the same issues i was before. Ringo will crash at least 4 times a day and for some reason on my VZW 650 I hear the text tone when I send as well as recieve, other than that , its pretty good.
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    I am sorry to say that everything that these people make crashes the treo - Ringo, Bug me, Busker....all of them, no matter what version, crashes my treo 650.

    My input....your mileage may vary.
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    I figure this is as good a place as any to post, did a search to no avail...

    ... is there a way to make the voicemail notification an mp3 through Ringo? Purchased it and enjoy it but only see ways to change calls or sms...not sure if adding my own phone number as a person and doing an individual tone would work or not.
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