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    Hi there
    Can't seem to make any sense of the posts resulting from a search on this so I'll ask a pretty basic simple question.

    I will reacquire a Treo 650 very shortly (CDMA). I will NOT be using it to retrieve any 'entreprise' or 'business' email, just personal (Gmail). I would like to sync my Treo with Groupwise calendar and contacts only. What's the best application to do this? Intellisync? Any particular version? Can I purchase a download of the software online? I'm in Canada BTW.
    Thank you.
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    Go to You can download a trial version from there. Not sure about CA$ pricing, it's $69US. I use it to sync with my work Gwise and it works great.

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    GroupWise PDA Connect does exactly what you want and FREE. Only con is that it is cradle synced.
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    What about nexic?
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    thanks for the info, I can't use GW PDA connect because my version of GW is 6.5.1 and you need employer won't provide update...
    Nexic and Intellisync look promising...thanks....

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