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    After a soft reset, I need to eject the SD card and insert again to get access to it (applications and file). I will upgrade from 11.3 to 1.20 soon but wonder if it will be fixed. any idea?
    why reset? I got tomtom5 (in SD card) and goodlink (internal) and sometime the treo crashes itself by lack of memory.
    I'm also looking for a program that reset the treo 'on demand' to free memory when swapping from TT5 to goodlink, but if this application exists, I still need to eject and insert the SD card, so that's why the question of this thread.
    Thanks for any comment.
    treo650,sfr, goodlink,credant,TT5,royaltek RBT-2010
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    Northglide's Uninstall Manager let's you trigger a soft reset from one of the screens. These will do it also and are free.

    I tought one of Jeff Gibson's programs did a scheduled soft reset but I could be mistaken. If not, it would make a nice little addition toPowerUp or one of those ProfileCare / Schedule Care programs.
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    Thanks for your reply, Ill try these tools.
    BTW,do you have the same behaviour with your SD card (need to reinsert after reset)? or don't know because never need to reset the palm
    treo650,sfr, goodlink,credant,TT5,royaltek RBT-2010

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