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    So i'm planning to purchase a treo soon, and i'm really excited! I think a treo is just what i'm looking for, and I can't wait to start using it!

    So before I get the device, I figure I should get together some of the apps i'm looking for. So, for the IM clients I was looking at VeriChat. Now, i'm going to have a enfora WiFi adapter for my treo because i'm mainly going to be working around a wifi enviorment.

    I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and unlimited wireless data plans are $80 a month, which is kind of expensive saying i'm in a wifi enviorment during the ENTIRE day. So, my questions is, can I still receive messages while in standby mode while using wifi? Can I go for 6 hours with my treo on (with screen off) while using verichat? Can my enfora wifi adapter do that as well? Is there any way to go 6 hours to be able to receive my messages 24/7 while on wifi by using verichat?

    Also, is there another ap that would do what i'm looking for?

    And my final question:
    How much data does it use!?!?!? I was looking at cheaper data plans, and I want to know how much data verichat would use per month? A rough estimate?

    Thanks for any help in advance. I'm new, so sorry if these are newbie questions!

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Does anyone know? How much montly bandwith it uses? All the forums say is how to find out, but not the actuall numbers.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Looks like not a lot of Enfora wifi users has the experience to answer your question.

    Are you buying these locally? The reason why I asked is for you to trial it out without the additional cost of shipping it back.

    Enfora users have reported problems on set up as well as maintaining the connections open and also redirecting data traffic.

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