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    I just did the new 1.2 ENA firmware upgade and overall very happy with the results. The bluetooth works great my HBH-30 bluetooth handfree car kit. My Treo 650 is stable but I do have an annoying problem. I use Bluetooth to hotsync with my work PC and Bluetooth is always on in my Treo 650. I find that when ever I use Bluetooth hotsync with the PC then later I goes to my car the Bluetooth Car kit would not connect with my Treo 650. I have to off the Bluetooth on the Treo then turn it back on and it would connect immediately.

    Strange have anyone seen this problem and is there a work around.

    Andy Ng.
    Palm III -> Treo 650
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    I have exactly the same problem.

    Have you found any resolution besides turn B/T off/on, after a HotSync?

    I tried removing VolumeCare, but it made no difference.

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