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    FWIW I received an email to send Iambic egifts at a 50% discount. I don't know if this was targeted but here's the link and the discount code for those who want to give it a try.

    Mods if this note is not proper under the terms of T|C then please feel free to delete.

    Discount Code: NEWYEAREGIFT06
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    Got Agendus Pro just before Christmas with some sort of insane discount code -- $9.99. Then I picked up Agendus Mail SSL for something like $11 cause I owned Agendus Pro. So, $21 for both.

    Downside is I almost immediately stopped using AGP because of the incredibly long startup times. I still use Agendus Mail, though. It is the only mail app for the Treo I know of which allows you to hotsync your Outlook account.

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