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    I've been having at least 2 resets every day since installing the treo 1.20 software update a week ago. Most other peolpe are reporting better stability with the upgrade. This is an example of the most common reset. after pressing '#*377'

    A reset was cased on 28/01/06 at 9:59 am while running "Initiate":

    Line:456, line 1111
    Exception at address 732E6B6E

    Initiate is just being used as an example. I mean this reset has occured while running "Isilo" or "Phone" or "Calender". What's the most frustrating part is that these resets occur when the treo is idle so I may miss calls and messages.

    Is anyone able to throw light on this isse?
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    To rule out hardware problems, you could do a hard reset after backing up your system. That will revert your Treo to "factory" state, deleting all applications and data. If the resets stop, then you know that some software is to blame.

    At that point you could hotsync back to your old ID to get back your applications and data. Or
    You could rename the Backup folder on your PC and hotsync back to your old ID. You'll lose all your 3rd party application but re-gain your Calendar, Tasks, Memos and Contacts. It is best to test the phone this way for a few days to make sure these databases are OK. If so, re-install all applications one at a time, pausing to verify that the Treo is stable.

    This is a long process, but cathartic and will identify the culprit software.
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    I installed resco locker and locked apps such as Butler, Trafficstat, Initiate, Keyguardtime+ and YAHM. I haven't had a reset since I installed this yesterday. It may be a coincidence but so far I would say that Rlock is awesome software which will save many the nightmare of random resets if one locks their background apps.
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    Resco Locker also seems to have solved my reset problems. I'm annoyed that I have to use Resco Locker as a workaround, but at least it's working. I was about ready to give up and go back to 1.13 when I came across a thread (see below) where marcol figured out what's causing it and how to get a workaround.

    Resco Locker is free. Use it to lock the apps that run in background. For more details about where to get this and how to use Resco Locker and Palm Internals (and where to get them) see this thread: See post #11.

    One positive development is that because I'm using Resco locker now, my background apps seem to load faster.
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