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    Hi I want to access my work email through my treo 650, and my IT department is being a real pain in the but about it. They wont help me at all. I dont know what to enter for the Mail Service, or Protocol. I know we have an exchange server her, and I know the name of the server. Anyone out there good at figuring this stuff out who might be able to guide me through?

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    Are you using Outlook 2003 at work? IF (big IF) you are using Exchange 2003, correspondingly, you can use versamail and its Exchange Activesync mode. The way to check for Exchange 2003 is by using the Outlook web access version. If you have web access to your work Exchange email, then that is a step in the right direction. -- and if it looks very similar to Outlook 2003, then you are using the newest Exchange version. The older versions of exchange don't support that, and the previous version of exchange's web interface looks different enough from Outlook to tell.
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    Hey thanks for the reply,

    I do believe we are using Outlook 2000, I will have to check when I am back in the office. I can access my work email through the web using OWA (outlook web access). Thats actually what my IT department told me to do with my treo. I tried it, but the OWA isnt designed for PDA's, and the webpage is to big to download on my treo (I can log in, however). Any helpful info would be appreciative, my IT department wont even talk about it with me.

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    You probably are not using Exchange Server 2003, then. If you were, you could use the same url address that you log into for Outlook Web Access to connect to Outlook Mobile Access (aka Exchange Activesync). The difference is they use different TCP/IP ports.

    Palm has an pdf which kind of explains what I'm talking about.

    Here's the link for the Versamail manual, too.

    Try typing in the address you use to access the web version as a server for versamail. See if it works. Good luck.
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    I have not found any other way to really access exchange mail with the treo.
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    Hey thanks for the info, I will try putting the address for my OWA access as the incoming server. should i type it in as do in web browser (i.e. https://...) or should i preface the address with "smtp"?

    Also, what protocol should I use, POP, IMAP, or ActiveSynch?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I simply put in mail.mycompany' as the incoming mailserver and myusername@mycompany' as the outgoing mail server. I then choose pop as the protocal.

    I'm not sure if this will work for you, but, I hope it helps.

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