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    I just installed what I think is the latest beta version of Volume Care (5.21.6).

    How do I access the bypass mode? I've got another broken headset jack (no external speaker, thus no ringer. But can hear the phone speaker this time and use the bluetooht headset)

    This is my THIRD Treo in a month to get this problem. I'm really getting fed up and I hope that bypass mode might help me out.


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    Nevermind... I found it. Also found that I had my head in a warm dark spot. I had the damn thing muted and jusmped to the conclusion that the jack went bad on me again... Sorry for the interuption.

    I like your prouduct, BTW...

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    All, Bypass Mode can be found in the Advanced Configuration screen that is accessable from either of the Phone Mode Configuration screens. It is an option called "Bypass Broken Headset Jack".

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