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    Yes, I did mean Neat Freak. Oh, and I spoke too soon. My screen still randomly lights up, although not as much as it used to. Things are still running faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    Not looking for the program as much as information about the program, what it does, who wrote it, is it currently being supported ?

    A yahoo search on the spelling you provided brought up about 15 hits, about 11 of them in threads on TreoCentral.

    I imagine as originally guessed that this is some old app then from the Palm 3 days which is not longer being supported. All references I can find to that program indicated that it places memoru info much used / left etc on the screen.....didn't see anything about cleaning out old files.
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    Here's the company that put's it out. They charge a fee for downloading when purchasing. To avoid the fee, I bought it at
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    Gaffa: I was talking about the memoinfo prgram that gt5l was talking about. It was me who originally referred you to northglide .

    BTW, you can download a trial of neatfreak pak on the northglide site right on the home page:

    Handango also lets you download a trial but to keep using it you will have to pay for it.

    Northglide and Handango have it for $19.95
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