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    A wishlist for WordSmith 1.9... :-)

    Customizable tabs. Those simulated folder tabs at the top, seen when first opening WS, gee, anybody remember WordStar? :-). I think it'd be a great organizing tool for keeping files by your sense of category. The "Doc", and "Memo" at the top occupy less half width of the screen. Personally I'd like to have a "Reports" and "Letters" tab to locate my files... the Launcher III idea.

    File date. Will there be a way to view the date the file was last created or modified?

    Table support.

    Graphics support.

    How about Greeking? Tables, graphics, and other undisplayable objects in a file because of Visor/Palm/OS limitations, could at least have sort of a place holder with the display. It'd be helpful to get an idea of the shape in which the text, graphics, tables, or all give a visual indication of their shape with all the actual wraparounds, etc.. Who likes PageMaker? :-)

    Unless these things can somehow be done with?...

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    Tables, oh yes please...tables...maybe even in 1.2??

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