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    I'm going crazy here. I recently changed my plan from one that had unlimited SMS messaging, to one with zero SMS allowance. I receive a stupid horoscope each day from "2424," which Sprint support tells me is Google. I have searched high and low on Google's homepage, MyGoogle, My Account, etc, etc. and do not see any option to disable this daily text message.

    Anyone have a clue as to how to disable this? It's running my bill up each day
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    I'm having the same problem and was wondering
    if you've had any luck stopping those text alerts.
    They are really annoying. I read on the internet
    that you can reply with the word STOP in order
    to cancel them. I tried that but it doesn't seem to
    be working.
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    "2424" is from Sprint Text Alerts.

    Sprint support is useless...

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