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    I bought a second Treo 650 for someone else, and want to install DocsToGo 7 Premium to it. However, I only want to install this one thing only, and want to avoid hotsynching all my own information to it (eg: calendar, contacts, etc). Is there a way to do this? Thanks, CC.
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    Right click on the hotsync icon in the system tray. Click on Custom in the dropdown menu and you will get a list of the conduits. Set all of them to "Do nothing" except for install.
    I do hope you have purchased your friend his own copy of DTG.
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    I would install DTG via the computer they will be syncing with. DTG puts desktop conduits into play, as well as, installs programs onto the handheld.

    If it is your PC -- a different userid for their device will keep things separate. If it is their pc -- your information is a non issue.

    As to the "ownership rights to DTG". Are you installing it from the CD that came with that TREO? That should be okay.

    If you are installing from your CD, I'm confused:
    Has their been even one new Treo 650 sold without DTG installed in ROM or on the CD? I don't think so. So now it becomes somewhat gray in my mind -- as to providing them a copy from your CD -- if they did not get a CD with the used purchase. If all Treo 650s come with a copy of DTG --does it matter where the re-install comes from? Now using the your 650 CD to provide a copy of DTG to another Handheld -- Zire, or such, would certainly be a violation. Someone help me out here.

    Cheers, Perry
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