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    Ok, here is the deal. I handle Lan Admin duties for staff in our department though my support role is at times 'first line of support' then sent over to the big dogs in our IT dept.

    Played with VersaMail last night at home on my treo 650. Did the account setup on the desktop and sync'd but no email was downloaded to pda. I then did a VersaMail setup on the pda for my roadrunner email and told it to 'get mail'. Worked great, much better then going to a webmail url address for it.

    My job at the County usings Outlook and an Exchange Server (as I understand it all) and of course they are of mind that blackberry is the email device they support (no surprise there).

    I understand just the basic stuff such as Incoming & Outgoing mail server and got it to work for my roadrunner email.

    So....just how do I get VersaMail to work for my govt email, if that is possible on a treo.

    This is what I do know:
    When I do the 'view or change existing e-mail accounts in Outlook it tells me I have a MS Exchange Server
    When I click on the Change button it identifies the ms exchange server
    That screen also identiifes my users name (ln, fn)
    When I click on More Setting then the Security tab it says...well I'm not sure if I should say or if the items listed in the drop down box are standard but indeed one of the options is selected in the Logon network security field.

    Can anyone give some pointers on what I may need to do, if it is even possible?
    For instance I tried setting up the govt email acct as follows:
    Mail Server: Exchange Active Sync
    Username: LN, FN
    Password: filled it in
    Eamil Address: filled it in based upon what mine is at work
    Mail Server: filled in the ms exchange server listed in my outlook settings
    Then ran the Test on the treo and it tells me 'there was a problem with syncing. Can't connect to server. Please check your network or server settings and try again.
    Details says: airsamstatemachine.c435 4670

    Last, VersaMail gives a final message (that up to now I have said NO to):
    Your Exchange ActiveSync email and Calendar inof will be deleted from your device. It will be replaced with info from the server the next time you taop the Sync button in VersaMail. Do you want to continue?

    Only I want is my work desktop email; no calender, to be brought down to my pda via wireless internet connection. Just like my outlook home roadrunner email was. I don't care if the govt overwrites the roadrunner mail on the device or if one overwrites the other each time. I just don't want any govt email syn'g to blow away my pda calendar times.

    Last, I have a Sprint 650 if that matters at all.

    thanks for any help....I do not expect our IT dept to want to spend any time on it would be my guess.
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    The easiest way would be if your IT department enabled the pop access port on the exchange server. This would mimmick your roadrunner setup. You would plug whatever the address is for that into the incoming mail field and you would be good to go. (The address would proabbly look like You can then use just about any smtp server for sending mail, including If pop access is not enabled you can run sprint business connect on your desktop pc. When that pc is on email will be pushed to your device. It works nicely, but runs $5 /month.
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