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    I currently have onguard backup, which I've found I don't like because 1) it doesn't backup the whole system at once; you've got to pick individual programs that you want backed up, and 2) it backs up every time you leave a program - this slows program switching considerably, as you might imagine. So I want to switch to resco backup or backup man - how do I make sure to get the old backup program good and off my treo + card (i.e., no backups left sitting on my sd). Can uninstall manager or similar program do that? Also, since I'm asking - any recs on resco vs. backup man? thanks
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    All you need to do is Delete the backup program from the palm, go to applications>open menu>select delete>select your backup program from the list & press Delete.

    If you have other apps on the card that you want to save you can delete just the backup program same procedure as above except at the top of the screen where it says "Delete From" Phone, tic & pick your Card

    If you want to wipe your entire card & start fresh I would format the card this will erase all, Select card info icon> press menu>select Format Card>enter a new name for the card>press OK.

    My 2cents I prefer BackupBuddy VFS very reliable with excellent support I just had a question the other day & they responded the very next morning.
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    Onguard isnt meant to be your main back-up solution. You are meant to use Onguard in conjunction with another whole system backup program like BackUpMan or Backup Buddy. Onguard is meant to provide instantaneous backup of the databases and prefs of selected progs, which will inevitably slow things down a tad when program switching (esp if you enable it for all your progs). But it provides advantages that daily backups cant. For example, I occasionally have lost a days work because even though I use my main backup program to auto-backup every night at 3am, if one is forced to do a hard reset at say 9pm (which has basically happened to me twice in the last year) then any work done between 3am-9pm will of course be lost in the restore. I use my treo a lot so that can be pretty deadly. So i would use something like Onguard to do real-time backups of the programs Im using all the time, and if forced to do a hard reset, I would restore from BOTH the main and Onguard-like backup programs. Of course, for many users a restore of the previous days system may be adequate, and having something like Onguard would be overkill, and not worth the delays it causes.


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