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    I understand that in most cases, people probably would want their own personal calendar for use on their treo. But in my company's case, a single central calendar is what we have grown accustomed to using. I also understand that Goodlink doesn't support public calendars per se. Here's my question.

    Does anyone know how to trick exchange into pointing "MBX/User_Name/Calendar" to "Public/Calendar". I'm confident that this is possible, but in the mean time, a simple workaround that I'm using is a folder sync program that causes the 7 effected users mailboxes to mirror the public calendar folder. My concern is that this is obviously wasteful on space, and certainly wasteful of CPU cycles and disk activity.

    I searched and searched for this idea, but it seems its either so easy, nobody bothered showing how to accomplish it, or so ridiculous that nobody cared to try. Thanks in advance, and if you have any other idea for accomplishing this goal, I'm all ears.

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    You may want to take a look at and see if this will work for you.
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    I appreciate the quick reply, but from what I can tell, that system does what Iím already doing, in a fancier package, and their pricing is just not realistic for what they offer. Maybe if it was also a spam filter, I could see it. Iím really surprised that no one can trick the system to repointing a one directory to another, I know it must be possible by editing the MBR (not that I would or even know how to do that).

    Like I said, thanks for the reply, but Iím convinced there is another, simpler way.

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    Frankly I don't know what I'm talking about. However on a Unix based system that uses maildir format you can symlink one directory to the another. Maybe that is possible with MS . I vaguely seem to recall some capability under windows although I don't know how exchange is structured. Surely there is an exchange BB or mailing list that would have more expertise on this subject.
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    I am facing this same issue. One secretary has a calendar that she schedules everyone on,

    Could you explain to me how you are getting this accomplished using the "folder sync program"? I need to come up with some way to get this done


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