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    I've got a Visor Prism with Handspring Modem, and I can't get past the log on stage with the Blazer browser - I created an account at Bluelark, installed the .PRC, plugged the modem in, and started the app. Blazer connects to my ISP automatically (a nice touch), but as soon as I enter my username/password and tap "Ok", it gives me the dreaded "Fatal Error: Reset" dialog.

    I've tried deleting/reinstalling Blazer a couple of times to no avail. I haven't seen anything to indicate that Blazer is for use with wireless modems only, but I'm wondering if that's the problem. I also just installed PQA support... maybe that's somehow mucking up the network libraries use by Blazer?

    I'd be interested to know if anyone has had the same problem!

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    I use a Prism with a Handspring modem, and Blazer works fine with them. I had the same problem at first, and ended up re-doing the entire process (including downloading the file again). I had emailed Bluelark and they were very responsive.
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    I'm not 100% sure if this was the problem, but after I disabled flow control in 'preferences > connection' so that I could connect to my StarTAC phone, I was able to use Blazer with no trouble at all, both with the wireless connection and with the Handspring Modem.

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