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    I have a couple of questions that I couldn't find answers to anywhere. I posted this on the 'Apps' forum and didn't get any hits. I might have posted it in the wrong place.

    I recently got a Treo 650. I have the follwing apps on it:

    Pocket Tunes
    and a few more.

    1. When playing tunes through PTunes, is there any way to remap the "next track" key to the side button? I listen while in a horizontal holster and pulling it in and out to skip tracks is a pain.

    2. I use Ringo to set MP3 ring tones. If I leave my headphones in I miss the phone ringing. Once, while getting changed at the gym, I happened to see it vibrating accross the bench. For a moment I thought I'd eaten bad mushrooms at lunch. Any way to force rings to go through the external speaker or both headset and speaker?


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    not sure about #1, but for #2 search for HeadCold. hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the suggestion! Not sure if it will work but I'll give it a shot.


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